Lobelia Carlini
Lobelia Carlini portait
Lobelia Carlini
Series Sakura Taisen 3 ~Pari wa Moeteiru ka~
Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koi Seyo, Otome~ ~Koi Seyo, Otome~
Also Known As The Flame Demon
Age 20 (Sakura Taisen 3)
21 (Sakura Taisen 4)
Birthdate November 13th, 1905
Place Romania, Transylvania
Powers Flame
Martial Talents Pyrokinetic
Weapon Extendable Claws
Koubu Koubu-F
Koubu-F2 Unit
Koubu Color Hunter Green
Gender Female
Height 179 cm (5'10")
Weight 64 kg
Hair White
Eyes Silver
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Sakura Taisen 3 ~Pari wa Moeteiru ka~
Last Appearance
Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koi Seyo, Otome~ ~Koi Seyo, Otome~
First Appearance
Sakura Taisen: Ecole de ParisThe Flowers of Dawn
Last Appearance
Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau ParisSpire of lightning
Japanese Voice Kikuko Inoue
English Voice Ashley Moynihan (FUNimation)

Lobelia Carlini (ロベリア・カルリーニ, Roberia Karurīni) is a member of the Paris Kagekidan's Hanagumi.



Given the title as "the flame demon" by the public, Lobelia was considered the number one public enemy by law enforcers, due to her role as a professional thief. Police were unable to apprehend her, until she was captured by Paris assault agents headed by the vice commander. Thanks to Ohgami, she was trained and works for Chattes Noire as a dancer and a member of the Paris Assault Force. Lobelia possessed the power of flames, it can burn any enemy, including demons, within range. Although her attitude is somewhat rebellious, (she sometimes had arguments, mostly with Glycine) occasionally, she had a soft spot for her comrades and people who were poor.


In the games

Sakura Taisen 3

Sakura Taisen 4

In films and television

Sakura Taisen: Ecole de Paris

Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris


Lobeilia's floral namesake means genus Lobelia, also possibly the genus Carlina



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